Electronic Items

Cars begin to be equipped with more and more electronic components, as technologies advance and 5G coverage increases. Such components have reduced sizes, and their anchoring entails certain innovations. 

An increasingly used solution is the adhesive tape. It is light, flexible, extremely thin, and may be easily used for several objectives, beside the anchoring itself: sealing, insulation, conductivity, and many more.


It is estimated that the size and number of screens in a vehicle will rise considerably, in the coming period. This is why the use of appropriate adhesive tapes may provide their anchoring, their protection against vibrations and prevention of dust particles or moisture.

Transparent adhesive tapes

They aid in protecting the screen without impairing visibility, while also reducing any unwanted light reflections.

Electrical insulation
or conductivity

Electrical conductivity

It is important that, by using special adhesive tapes which provide electrical conductivity, the current is transferred exactly where it is needed, without any losses incurred on the routes, that sometimes may be extremely long.

Electrical insulation

The high electricity flow travelling throughout the components of an electric vehicle may create serious issues, if not appropriately controlled. That is why adhesive tapes may provide the insulation of every component, using high-precision material. As such, short-circuits or even fires can be avoided.

Thermal management

Protection of electronic components against heat

A high number of electronic components, in the same location, may generate plenty of heat.

Plenty of electronic components, located in a tight place, generate heat. This may lead to a loss of performance, damage, and a shorter lifespan. Thermal management optimizes performance, improves electronic components and aids in cost savings. Again, here, adhesive tapes or, more specifically, thermal management products provide support.

The dissipate heat and build a compact environment

Unlike mechanical solutions, adhesive tapes do not take up space and therefore still allow a compact design. For instance, thermal conduction adhesive tapes, dampeners or the so-called heat distributors are used here. The products combine self-adhesive connection solutions with a high thermal conductivity, and reliably dissipate heat from electronic components.